Poem -


Stepping outside I feel like a ghostĀ 
The noises outside are what I miss mostĀ 
Streets are empty and it's only just meĀ 
That's when I appreciate what I seeĀ 

The blue sky and the wind on my faceĀ 
The cat scurrying he has to be some placeĀ 
The road where I live is still the sameĀ 
The stillness sends shivers in this deadly gameĀ 

Why did I take for granted the noise that I hear
Now the quietness fills me with worry andĀ fearĀ 
Outside noises I just love your soundĀ 
I welcome my footsteps on this hollowed ground

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Jill Tait

Pinned as brilliantly penned my
poetic friend ā¤ļøšŸ’™ā¤ļø