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Why do I struggle
​​​​​​So silently yearn

For some place unseen
Why does my heart keen

Why am I lonely
Yet so filled up with breath
Surrounded by life
Why so bereft

What is it calls me
From so far away
Makes me feel alien
Here in this day

Why does my soul seek
To float up away
What thing is missing
To make blue my way

Where do I come from
Where is my home 
I know not the answer
I am dog without bone

Who is it calls me
What is it I miss
For not here do I find peace
Or comforts kiss

Not here.
Marion Price(2019)


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Yes!! Fantastic 
.. I hear you.

Marion Price

Lol...IV just written another, you have inspired me to write two verses about this topic Punzy, see how we bounce off each other, this is a great site with fab people...thankyou my friend 💕

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...Oh my gosh can I relate!  I think it is partly because I am an Empath and take to heart all the energy I feel around me and take it to heart...I feel all the hurt and suffering in this world and cannot get away from it....I want to feel only love and compassion that has a positive energy...There is something to say about the spirit of man...and I believe some of us are more in tune with that spiritual part of ourselves that is calling us home...Great relatable write.  xo ;)  Love n Hugs   

Marion Price

I am so glad you felt what I was trying to portray Cherie and you can relate to the ' yearning' that inspired it...I truly appreciate your comments and feedback my friend(it is good not to feel so alone with emotions so big) thankyou 💕