Poem -


I have always found great humor 
In the word 'Nothing'
You ask the majority what their plans are
For the remainder of the day
The Majority cries, "Nothing!"
Lesser morals win, humanity, fails.
Men dare claim, that Nothing, is impossible.
Though it has become societies most favorable term.
It is that, which we have become so easily accustomed
There is meaning, 
In the word, "Nothing"
lt could be absolutely nothing, indeed, 
Or it could just as well be everything.
This penn, to me, 
Is "Nothing", short of Everything.
Life, is "nothing" short of everything.
It is the infinite mystery of all
We are in charge of our own destinies.
Though we were not created from nothing.
Sand, is the least form of life on Earth,
Are we not much more than sand?
A blank canvas at one time 
We all once were
There is beauty in our mistakes, 
Our failures.
The rest we create.
And in every work of art
We start from 'Nothing'.

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