Poem -

NOW - casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

NOW - casus belli upon the head of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Greenlighted signal activating
opprobrious rapacious incestuous grievous...
Alabama Human Life Protection Act approved
desecration against women enrages
this Pennsylvania older married male,
cuz females inherent reproductive rights violated

occasioning this extemporaneous diatribe
absolute zero peace of mind
extant among national female community
must exhort against inherent pro choice
to terminate unwanted pregnancy,
especially if vicious physical molestation

forced to be encumbered
with violent impregnation
feeding in utero parasite of HATE
unwanted baby constant reminder
brutal assault sexual
potential barbarous perpetrators

empowered misogynistic beasts
overturn sanctity biology bestowed
child bearers revolt against demoniacal
legislation, this fellow livid with rage
foments revolution, he doth decry
unfair penalty sabotaged privacy

endangering mental, physical, spiritual
well being, asper threatening welfare
concerning calamitous encroachment
cancerous, egregious, ferocious...brutality
lurks around every corner
nonconsensual execrable attacks,

vis a vis brutal, contagious, deleterious...
creating hellacious environment
jeopardizing sanctity, safety, security
renting asunder irrecoverable,
irreparable, irrevocable...undeserved
cursed fate unleashed by one pen stroke

nullifying sacred covenant bestowed
since dawn (and eve) of consciousness
maternal pact cleft as horrible incorrigible
jackanapes knock living daylights
every girl, lass, lady...

she must fear all approaching men
suddenly, I become suspect
driving chasm between both genders,
thus the emergency alarm clangs
deafening sensitive eardrums!

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