Poem -

NUCLEAR WINTER ---tiny tiny little birds

Never tread together again
never be together again
stitch the seam
where I escaped into your dream
follow my bloody dragging soul
weeping against willows
beating on the already sold
do not stop without breath
level water tastes the best

how did I film the naked self
me this frozen timeless grin
fallen in autumns drastic mask
repeated evidence
karmas licking laughing gas
voted people
demoted all this eaten verbal crime

on this marble swirling ship
corners surrounded in spiralling circles
rotated silence
invested in dollar denial
clean up please on mankind's aisle

100 years as the dust settled
I found above
which once was mine
a gifted white-in scarlet ribbon
sealed within a guided sound
I laid on the dusted ground

melted inside this sanctuary
fruited orchid
hangs the shaded shadows
murals dancing in ash


little birds

tiny little birds



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