Poem -

Oh Light Divine

Rejoicing in the power of divine love

Oh Light Divine

Oh Light Divine
How gentle Thou art
How kind
How full of mercy

I am not like Thee
Angry at life
A vengeful spirit

So often
I would have given myself up for lost
Cast myself in despair
Over the yawning brink of darkness

You were always there
Not forcing
Calling me back
Lowering the platinum thread
Of salvation

I do not understand why you love me so
Why you keep on
Believing in me
Quietly cheering me on

I stand before Thee
Blinking in unbelief
Not comprehending, yet
Wanting to trust
In the living transparent brightness
Of a love
Offered without condition
Without measure
Pressed down and running over

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Cherie Leigh

This is beautiful, Kurt.  God's love is such amazing grace that is so hard to fathom!  Even as we struggle to stay temperate and loving, God never ceases to show us mercy and love with such compassion that is breathtaking!  I love spiritual poems that feel reverent like this...Pinned to keep..Thank you for sharing.  xo ;)  Cherie  

Kurt E. Wood

My understanding of God might be different than that of many who use that title for the highest reality. By calling that highest reality Light Divine,  I am trying to bring attention to the divine nature being the same as the Buddha nature, infinite wisdom and compassion, without personifying it. The notion of God as the all-powerful Father and Emperor of Heaven, is not a notion that I mean to imply. I'm making references only through the infinite compassion and love of the Divine, without any reference to judgmentalness, harsh strict laws and Commandments, or personification of such, I'm hoping to bring people's attention to what it is about the divine that is in fact divine. And ultimately to realize that this divine nature or Divine Light is not in a superior being separate from themselves, but in fact is in all manifestations of Consciousness in this universe and not only conscious Life as We Know It, but all matter and energy being emanations from Divine consciousness. To put it succinctly, it is my conviction that God if you want to use that term, does not exist apart from his creation, but on the contrary is imminently present in every particle of it and especially in every Conscious mind. Thanks for sharing, and yes the love that emanates from Divine Light whether we perceive that in Christ or Buddha, or in ourselves and our neighbors, is amazing and completely blows away all hate and mistrust.