Poem -

I Wander in the Caverns Deep

Composed for a work of fantasy fiction I am authoring

I wander in the caverns deep
Beneath the mountains tall
And't matters not which way my feet
Do walk in Dwarven Hall

For stone is wondrous fair to eye
And glorious metal shines.
And gems do shame the sunlit sky
For this my poor heart pines

‘Tis long since dwarfdom heard my hails
Awand’ring ‘neath the skies
‘Tis long since great ‘Arashed Vael’s
Pure glory filled my eyes

With towers tall of crystal bright
In hues of violet blue
And dripstone rivers’ golden light
To grace my mortal view

And long since strolls by misty pool
Midst mushroom trees so tall
The wondrous woods of fair Dikhul
In caves ‘neath dwarven hall

And how I long for splendor fair
Of mansions grand and bright
with silver, gold and gems most rare
and filled with golden light

I wander still ‘neath midnight sky
And ‘neath the burning day
And wonder how my tears to dry
My sorrows to allay

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kurt...Great flow and rhyme in this narrative...It reminds me of a scene from a movie like "Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" in its imagery.  Great work.  I hope your story is well received...I am working on a fictional story myself for my second published book in stores...tentatively called, "The Magic Dagger' but the title may change as I get deeper into the story.  I enjoyed! xo