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Reflection on the nature of true beauty


Why do we look for beauty where sweetest waters flow
Where watercress and lilies white their tender seedlings sow?

Why seek we after loveliness midst fragrant meadows green?
The grace therein is temporal, a fair but fleeting dream

Why seek we to prolong the days of sunshine warmth and spring
And strive the sparrow to compel forevermore to sing?

Why tarry we where pleasantness continually abides
And never-changing Summer bloom surrounds us on all sides?

Is not the heaviest show’r of rain more beautiful a sight?
For from its tears the glorious rainbow spreads her wings of light

And are not Winter’s barren trees far lovelier than the green?
Upon their hardened boughs emerge the blossoms of the spring

The fairest of earth’s daughters is the branch that bears the thorn
For from her twisted gnarled hands the reddest rose is born

Why seek we to from trials flee, with peace to self surround?
In heart alone that pain has known can purest love be found

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Cherie Leigh

Beautiful flowing verses Kurt!  I love nature, and it is within natures poetic peace that I find comfort...Such lovely flowing verses....There is a profound beauty found in pain that leads to healing,...just as nature shows us in its struggles as well.  xo ;)  

Kurt E. Wood

I hope that my readers will consider this on levels that transcend that of mere natural beauty. Consider symbolism, what do the Thorny gnarled hands of the rosebush symbolize in human character, and why is a flower considered by many the most beautiful born of that kind of person? what is symbolized by a storm Ending in a rainbow? In fact I would love to hear from readers their personal takeaways from this poem in reflection on their own experience with human character both cruel and kind.