Poem -

Oh Riverside

Oh Riverside

Dark bister brown the raging river flows
Meandering rivulets running rapidly without repose
On and on, on it’s journey to the sea
from yon bygone until eternity
An neverending watercourse with rush and roar
Til’ the end of timelessness
for evermore

Flutters of fluctuations
Rise and fall
Going up and down to the waterfall
Alternate and undulate
on a variable veer
Oscillate without hesitate
Such a hem and haw fear
Shift and swing
with the ebb and flow
Scattering stones from fierce force below

A cataract of clear clarity collects at a chute
On a guttering channel sliding through a shoot
Plunging  and  plummeting with dive and tumble
Mournful moans of gripe and grumble
Oh riverside how you beckon me to tread your trails to seek the sea

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Richard Waters

THE WORLD IS PAID DUE TRIBUTE ! By, your finese ! By, your craft ! By, your enthusiasm ! Expressing deftly the wonder of nature. And, all it gives.
Fantastic use of linguistics to highlight beauty. To enforce your credentials as a writer who shares freely, with artistry, defining love of the environment. With all its variety and vagaries.
The flexibility of your delivery of descriptive phrasing to emphasize the glory of our domain is an escape from drudgery. To remove readers from the monotone to an explosion of colour, as well as texture. There is an appreciation of " the fabric " of our habitat. With an understanding of our movement through it.
Lovely work.  X 

Jill Tait

Awww I so appreciate your lovely kind comment Richard u r a ⭐️❤️💙❤️