Poem -

Old bones and dust

Old bones and dust

I have been abandoned by all No one beside me but old crusted walls

The memories of old times and of friends that have died or disappeared from my sight We used to hang out from morning till the end of the night

We laughed we loved we played we even fight With each other just to see who was right

I still smile today cause as long as I can remember My memories of fun times from January to December

There is no way they can take them from my mind They will be with me to enjoy till I am ninety nine

I have searched everywhere but not one was I able to find I know I am the last of our kind

We had one hell of a time playing living caring but that was in the past As of all things in life forever nothing will last

We existed we loved we battled to survive When I leave this life this story will end No one will know of all the people we helped saved and mend

So I fight alone in the dark corner of my mind to slay The monsters that have terrified me everyday

They try to catch me and make me do things that are unkind I fight them until they flee then I hide so they can’t find

I won’t give up and I won’t quit to the end I will fight  I will kick hit anything with in my sight

I hold my ground to defend my right To let people know that we were in trenches battling with all our might

To defend them against the unjust and keep them safe we fought them and won with blood and lust

When I am gone there won’t be anyone left to let others know we were not a bust That we mattered and we were not some old bones and dust

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