Poem -

One more

One more

I smiled at the bar keep,Β 
tipped my hat in wonder.
We both knew what was happening, 5 more euros to squander.
The tap hissed and shuthered as it dripped the next pint, promised to be last but there's lights still in sight.

As she sat there settling my previous dwindling, I began to thank the heavens for another day down.
Not a good day but not as bad as most,
a chyme of a bell and a scratch in the post.
Productivity null and sins at the ready, I began to thank Martin and Jimmy and Eddie.
When I realised I was alone with no one to cheers with, I thought of her face and the smile that kept me straight ..

Now it's me and a half pint, an old fogie in the corner.
My path looks more fragile than ever before.Β 
The only place I call home is taken and tarnished, my own promise broken my questions need answers.Β 
I'll call one more and hope for a smile.
Avoid the top shelf at least for a while.