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Feeling frustrated 🤣

Feeling frustrated 🤣

Feeling frustrated !..... just spilled my cuppa everywhere, then I moved my ‘Tassimo’, dropped full thing on the chair
So I’m soaked with the splashing, the coffee took some washing & I’ve given myself a right ear bashing

Grrr I hate days like today... I’ve been rushing around like a lunatic I really have to say
Silly callamities they happen to me but loads in a row, I wonder how can that be!

It’s never ever just one thing
I have accidents galore, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a few more
So on that note I think I’ll lie myself on the chair, I surely won’t get into mischief if I stay put there !

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Roger Joseph

Haha great piece, simple and funny, clumsy are you lol

Jill Tait

Haha I am abit :) thank you loads :)