Poem -

One Way or The Other

One Way or The Other

I'm so tired of the world trying to tell me I have to be This or That

Go One Way or The Other.

Liberal or Conservative

Republican or Democrat

Christian or Atheist

Mentally ill or Competent

Gay or straight

I can believe in Science or the Devine

I'm either a Patriot or a Terrorist

Passive or Tough

Logical or Spiritual

Single or Monogamous

Confident or Insecure

Smart or Attractive

Truthful or Dishonest

I can Fit In or Stand Out

One of a Kind or a Dime a Dozen

A Geek or The Life of the Party

A Traditionalist or a Radical

"You are either With us or Against us!"

In other words

"If Youre Not a Horse
You're a Banana!"

They cant understand that I can be both or neither.

Because I am Free.

And I never believe what They tell me.