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_ _ _ Open Road _ _ _

_ _ _ Open Road _ _ _

There's just something about the open road...
it fuels my entire being.
It could just be the natural buzz
from the stretched out landscape I'm seeing.
As the lines melt away beneath me
and the gas needle creeps toward E,
my emotional tank overflows
and I'm filled up spiritually.
Whether headed to an new destination
or back to familiar roots,
the true splendor viewed by naked eye
outdoes any photographic shoots.
Vibrant colors splattered randomly,
cottontails waving in the breeze,
windmills standing stoic on hillsides
and wind whispering through the trees.
Streams bending and glistening and flowing
following paths cut through open lands,
knarled trees decorating the fields
and fence posts cut by human hands.
Abandoned houses and collapsing barns
make me wonder about their past,
causing my imagination to dance
until reaching the destination at last.
And when it's time to head back home,
the stars wink in a playful beat;
such a therapeutic trip it's been...
worries faded in a hasty retreat.

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Jacki Goebel

Thanks, John!Β  It really does bring such peace being immersed in nature's beautiful canvas, away from the hustle & bustle.Β  This poem began to develop on a recent trip back home to see my father...
Happy New Year and happy writing!

Jacki Goebel

Thank you so much!Β  Came out of overwhelming peace on a recent drive...Β  New Year blessings!Β  Enjoyed your new year poem!!!