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Optional Retreat

Homecoming Lessons

Optional Retreat

Acquiring mind absorbs more in reflection.
Lays of land having delivered imperfection.
Amateur event takes top spot in reasoning.
Nothing considered now deemed daunting.

Menu denotes move greater than expected.
Wish list sharing natural desires on blended.
Crowded thought pleases aspiring advance.
Subjects quantified by the suspicious trance.

Frame of motives put aside for forceful play.
Easy reasons what accumulates to win day.
Lifestyle choice shows liberty of experience.
All taken on merits to make sure preference.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Richard....I just love the build up of desires and tension between two in a playful comfortable sensual relationship....It is liberating and fun....;)  xo 

Richard Waters

" EVERY ONE SHOULD HAVE A HOBBY. " Beyond the horse. Or, the coarse. Or, the source !! Get, it ? 
Well, if, you do not, reflect on " this " !!
:) :)