Poem -

Our Mother

Of Lilith and Delilah, Opening Prayer

Our Mother

May we all bow our heads in shame

Our Mother
Our robbed and raped
Stolen and moulded
Captured and raptured
Ignored and silenced
Used and bruised
Abused as a tool
An overworked fool
A pillaged mute

Our Mother
Our complying Mother

Under a man you
Call unto at nights
When he leaves to take flight
Remain with your plight
Remain but don't fight
Beg and honour
Praise and revere
The murder of you

Our Mother
Our hiding Mother

Hiding the secrets of liars
Feeding though barren
Creator yet foreign
Discarded but dungeoned land and oh so honoured

Our Mother
Our trying mother

Faux celebration
Eat at it
It's all you'll meet
Reject your daughters
Reject your yoni as they taught you
Reject and reject
The prejudice must be internalised
Never penalised
Receive one of good size
But never too many

Pretend you enjoy it
Conquered and butchered
Celebrate torture
Carry your crucifix
Give into the fix
The fix you mix
Mix of meaningless moans
But verified vessels
Walls that wrestle
Pretending to nestle

Our Mother
Our lying Mother!

Who lies in a cell
Here to save them from hell
Them who destroy
Save and sing while dancing in self-destruction
Would you ever go back
And give birth to yourself?

Our Mother
Our dying Mother.

May the Tears be with you

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Mh Mind to the ...

Thank you for the appreciation. And for exploring my work on my instagram page 

Being Me

This is definitely awesome to read aloud! Very well written x

Wilford Barker

All those experiences scattered across this page..
And the emotions of pain and suffering.. 
This is truly heartbreaking..
thanks for sharing..
And welcome to Cosmofunnel.. What an entrance..

Mh Mind to the ...

Thank you!! I'm so glad you appreciated the expression of unbearable intensity. And thank you for your warm welcome! I appreciate the support

Greg Etsell

wonderful poem 
and how do you
put your voice on here 
i like to know i tyred 
look in to it couldnt do it

Mh Mind to the ...

Thank you!

And when you're uploading there's an option that says 'spoken word' and you can upload an audio from your device