Poem -

Our Sunday’s

Our Sunday’s

Today is “Sunday funday”
Five pound subs to play
On dog trodden pitches we’d meet
No warm up, just rub in deep heat 

Anyone know where such and such is?
No boss, but I’ll do the bizz
What in goal at 5ft 3
Standard start for Knighton Arms FC 

The ref halts play for a bit 
So the newcomer can slip into kit
Sorry lads, just off the night shift
No way she was giving me a lift 

Why don’t you give Football up?
You’ve responsibilities now, he’s both our pup
Extra time and penalties my love 
Wow, how many times have we spun that line bruv

Young and old what mattered most
Was being together at the toast
My Knighton Brothers standing here
To those we’ve lost to yesteryear 

Who’ll forget those friendships made?
Not I, not you, nor the life we laid
Cup finals and league titles not this teams crowning glory
Laughter and camaraderie make our story 

To the Red & Blue I wish you well
For tomorrow we shall tell
Through Football we were found
In Knighton Arms we’re forever bound 


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Lyndy Bo-Lyn

An unforgetable account of friends, football and treasured memories! Very nicely put.



Louis Langdown

Thank you for the feedback Lyn. We lost a team mate and thinking back I just found myself writing.

This is my first ever poem, and it remains my only poem. But I’m going to try more. X

Lyndy Bo-Lyn

Hi Louis - lovely first poem.

You should write more - I loved the warmth in it; It cheered me up. Sorry for your loss of your team mate, but I think that he would have liked your poem very much.