Poem -

Pain (Chapter 2)

her powerful struggle

Pain (Chapter 2)

Today the air is cold
her eyes have already told,
the colour she wears is blue

No longer moving freely
those chains of pain have a hold onto her
pushing her into a deeper depression

with a desperate heart
her loneliness overpowers
becoming a lost soul

she is now spreading blue pain
with a heavy heart
and gloomy eyes

her smile slid into a sad state
a lost soul losing her strength

her laugh is now rare
as she has lost her light

her eyes now filled with buckets of blue
there is nothing she can do,
to stop the tragic tears 

with low spirits
she now spreads sorrow
feeling trapped in a sad tomb

she gave all she was,
receiving nothing in return
the world took her soul

her face no longer welcoming
instead begging for an inch of love

this world is cold
she can’t seem to find any warmth
blue is her new yellow

Somehow she sparks her soul
rises from that sad tomb
and learns; winter flowers can bloom


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Terry Kay

Hello Ms. Penny,
So enjoyed the expansion of feelings in Chapter 2.  I loved your words expanding on being blue.  Very moving to me!  Thanks!  Love, Terry Kay