Poem -



What would this
World be
If there was no war
Only peace
If I loved you
And if you loved me

We're all addicted to something
to deal with the pain
Like dirty water
Stuck in the drain
Life's a game
Whether you watch or play
there are rules
Either way

The wind cries
Like a broken mother
The birds sing for
The ones that suffer
You have my heart
Until they tear us apart
Now it's come to this
This is where it begins

The dust on the windowsill
Gets carried away
I wish that I could follow
To that unknown place
There's a change in the weather
Feels like I'm hell bound
I need you dear lover
To cool me down
Its too much
For me now

The wind
Moving with a purpose
I'll still love you
Even at the close of the curtain
Some of the trees
Are still without leaves
And some hearts and minds
Are without relief

You search for inspiration
Yet only find frustration
Its the transition
A yearn for something different

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