Poem -


Peace. I embody it. The embodiment the truth of what my mind and body meant. To find the world at ease I hop inside of it. Not beside it thanking god for being wavy but I’m not Poseidon. It’s just the way of life I reside in. Or what the world is left. But it runs deep more than flesh. I scribble with words to make a picture, it’s not a sketch. Hell I can take one line and make it art, etch a sketch. I need peace more then ever but it’s far fetched. Can’t help but to find it in a world filled people with low drives but they always in a wreck. How the fuck can you crash when you haven’t even sped yet. Back to tranquility. Use that shit like a tool on my utility. I do that I can keep a job pay the utilities. Cause the hate you give is the patience I receive to my ability. I’m running out of time I can see the proximity. Though time swore to me it would be there eternally it’s now someone else’s latest flame, the name’s Marie. Me and peace though, aren’t meant to be. We grow closer more than what the eye can see. You may think me talking about it is provocative, I see it as something my mind and heart need as it shows vacancy.