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~Pedantic Poets' Society~

 ~Pedantic Poets' Society~

My individuality defines the man inside of me
who shuns thoughts of conformity, eschewing the majority.
Caliginous calamity, flirtatious with my sanity,
an open mind, Iโ€™ve come to find, promotes congeniality.

For Iโ€™m not you nor are you me, I make this claim quite happily.
We are unique, the thoughts we speak, as nothingโ€™s gained through vanity.
I yearn to scare, to raise the hair of those who will, without a care,
read spooky tales of ghosts and wailsโ€”embracing my brachylogy.

Poor E.A Poe, as we all know, was woebegone and rife with woe.
Poems he penned assuaged his sin; he wove his words so eloquently.
Thus, I still strive to fight, surviveโ€”cool chiasmus keeps me alive.
I seek no fame, I place no blame, steeped in serene soliloquy.

Iโ€™m here for you, you see me through, when tawny twilightโ€™s dipped in dew.
In darkest night, devoid of light, you light my paths with sage insight.
For individuality defines the heart of you and me
So, grasp my hand, weโ€™ll take a stand, to pen groundbreaking poetry.