Poem -

PEELING HEAVEN-- sunny cemeteries

Today I found heaven
inside my head
peeling from some weak weary wall
cracks smoked and joined
into yesterdays stumble of a road
Christ is changing the scene
from water running
and salted vision

Found the purple cloaked orchid
erected in the painted veil
on this place, I hide
secret insidious view
under seed, under a crying stone

mincing meat- an architecture of bone
wicker, straw sky
drying a burning sigh
listed in loves sandy stretching arms
lonely tides
hiding simply that complex hand

screaming times are so easy
listen the night does not exist
placed in order
listed along with marble thrones
as day talking tales
paints in slaughterhouse 
slamming frozen  held open doors

pushing my hand
as you once did
weight laid on the grip of patient grasp
do not spill this surface given
let it lay
upon such pounding falling apart heart

unwanted in the early waking
stripped in a naked youthful smile
balanced as truth
is found stained on the windows
etched and leaden thigh

crosslegged wooden gates
generous open fate
across the years I gather clouds
as balloons
I free their excited howls



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