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People & their Pooches🐶👨🏻‍🦰

People & their Pooches🐶👨🏻‍🦰

Short stumpy hairy legs
Pert pointy upright  snout
Strutting on before his master
This dainty dachshund knows where hes about

His doting Dad adores him
They live betwixt the marbled alley
In number seven, Humble road
Amongst the purple heathered valley

Both of them are getting on in years
Grey thinning hair amidst the gold
Neither like to obey the rules
nor take it lightly to be told

Miss Molly Mildred Atkins
dwells at the bottom of a hill
along with Clarence Cock-a-poodle
She used to be a dab-hand in the mill

Nowadays Molly enjoys retirement
She relies alot on her fine beast
Clarence took the reins of master
since her Alfred had deceased

The two of them are stout
Shaggy hair which needs a cut
Streaked with silver strands among the black
Molly Mildred & her Master Mutt

Then there’s lofty Liam Purvis
with his skinny Afgan hound
Both are totally inseparable
Bono’s alway’s there when Liam’s around

They like to share almost everything
The same comfy chair beside the wooden table
Tho Bono used to live outside
in Liam’s horses drafty stable

But that was many years ago
before his owner wasn’t keen
to hoover up Bono’s long loose hairs
hes shortsighted now so seldom seen

All these owner’s with their canine friends
Well have you noticed, they look the same
Pity help the man who owns a big fat boxer
Slithering slaver what a shame

Drooling drips of wet saliva
As his porky old companion spits his phlegm
Passerby’s turn around away in disgust
The repugnance causes mayhem


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