Poem -


Water lilies
Floating idly 
Jealous am I
On their position
It requires no effort
They do not even 
Have to inhale
​​​They are perfection
Unto  their kind
Why must I
Born of woman
Be refined and 
Added to or 
Taken away from
How their perfection 
Mirrors creation
So who are we?
Wild beasts 
Are born with instincts
Their behavior 
Is not corrected
Nor molded by guilt
Or emotion
And yet
Brings agony
Awareness of death
Brings fear
And dread
Loss of loved ones
Brings grief that
Time cannot heal
A Lily
Ah perfection

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Cherie Leigh

HI Violet...I have some lilies on my kitchen table where I am typing right now!  They are beautiful and look so serene...and when they are the type floating on the water, they are so simplistic in their beauty...without the worries we have as humans with consciousness to know we will die and our beauty fade as we approach death...How nice it would be to hold onto that perfect serene moment that the lilies do....Lovely write.  I enjoyed. xo ;)