Poem -

"Perhaps again, again we'll dance?" By Ben Goode 2019 (c

"Perhaps again, again we'll dance?" By Ben Goode 2019 (c

In your presence I could feel.

You calmed my soul, and it felt real.

So beautiful, the light was dim.

I felt alive, you let me in.

Your eyes were green, and I was lost.

My icy heart, had lost it's frost.

Even though the time went fast.

In memory, you'd always last.

I loved the time, I was with you.

Even though, it wasn't true.

At least I felt alive back then.

But would I see your face again?

You took the time to talk to me.

But had it cost? Or was it free?

I thought I felt "there's something there?"

But knew it wouldn't go nowhere.

Maybe one day. By just a chance.

Perhaps again, again we'll dance?

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Benjamin Goode

Not many people read my work. Only you and a few others. But I’m grateful for that 😊 thank you.