Poem -

playful pet...

playful pet...

please love me now. . .
love only me now that I’ve done as you asked
am I just your little pet? your little playful pet
you want me again? your pretty little playful pet
from your lips to my hips, I’ll have your babies. . .
up in this tower where you told me to wait for you
lay down next to me and wake me when you finally come

Don’t call me crazy. You love me but you won’t come save me...if I'm so special, why am I secret?

pretty please love only me now. . .
everyone knows what I’ve done, for you
take me away, neither of us can stay; they’ll kill us


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Inspired by one of my favourite artists and showing love to Melanie Martinez!! 
She also has a movie out that she wrote and directed!! Check her out!!


"If i pass this quiz will you give me your babies..." XD