Poem -

Please strangers, tell me what to do

There's this girl I know
I don't like her
Everything around her is a stir
But I can't help but worry for her

I'll refer to her as A
Now A always asks if I'm okay
Of course, me being me, I defer and assure
I'm alright, Then I ask her

Her response is a blur
I'm no rich people whisperer
But I can't help but think
She needs some help

I don't know her life
Her strifes
Her ambitions
Her conditionsΒ 

I shouldn't worry
Her attitude makes it clear
She doesn't give a shit about me
She's too busy with attention

A relishes in it
The difference between us
, Besides our polar personalities,
Is that she always admits

She isn't fine
But after saying it so frequently
No one takes it seriously
I'm no expert

This is where I get confused
I'm not trying to accuseΒ 
Perhaps she only pleas
To appease

I've seen it first hand
Her feelings seem planned
A little offhand
But it is hard for me to understand

If it is serious
Why isΒ when she says itΒ 
So delirious
'Cause I would never openly admit

Pause, please
I'm not depressed
Just a little messed
And stressed
Perhaps oppressed
Whatever it is I feel
I keep it far suppressed

I would never openly admit
That my brains split
It just seems a little counterfeit
How she can permit
Millions to see
That she's quit

Please tell me what to do
How do you view?
Is she split into two?
Is it true?
I don't want to ask what she's going through
Maybe she just handles it differently
But then why does she have to outdo
Everyone else's sad and miserable lives?
Even if it is false, it surely must corrupt her brain
Tricking her into thinking it is real
Making her insane
I mean it isn't my problem

We aren't friends
I'm a shadow
Observing quietly
At this point
The secrets I keep
The secrets I know
People talk too muchΒ 
That's for sure

But if she went and offed herself
I would feel terrible
Because I don't know if
Anyone else knows
How she feels

If she did commit
And no one knew why
I would feel like shitΒ 
That I just denied it
And didn't clarify it
Please help me to identify this


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