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Poor Poor Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Poor Poor Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Poor Poor Poor Poor Pitiful Me

I tried the lot; there wasn’t one for me.

They loved me, sexed me, wanted me;

All of them became obsessed with me.

They ended up all boring me.

I traveled around; tried all the highs;

Nothing lasted or satisfied me.

Saw it all from the outside in,

Committing each type of carnal sin.

I had it all as far as the eye could see

But hid inside with technology

Discovered your body; thought you fitted me

Became obsessed with your sensuality.

It was meant to be; it was destiny!

I breathed your breath; you tasted me.

Possessing and subduing you,

I burned inside when I thought of you

You hid your face, full of mystery,

Kept me interested—cause you were smarter than me.

The photos never really satisfied me.

I pleaded patiently; you kept ignoring me.

I desire you still, want you to come to me;

Can’t stand this thing that’s happened to me.

Now I want you to set me free

Poor Poor Poor Poor Pitiful me

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oh what intense scribe of thoughts , layed bear, to that of lust and a deeper yearning for love, where such emotions seem to imprison, leaving behind a solemnize wish for escape...

astounding ink !!

and welcome to the site beautiful soul !

Tina Kuqali

Thanks for that. My first time sharing poems...Tina.

Rose Sho

Heartfelt piece...Welcome to Cosmo