Poem -

Pork Pies

(a parody)

Pork Pies

What is the truth if full of lies
We have no time to eat pork pies

No time to spend time in the gym
Or spend our money on a whim

No time to watch United lose
Express our right to pick and choose

No time to make a mess of things
Or worry what tomorrow brings

No time to sit and watch T V
And have another cup of tea

No time to put the rubbish out
Or play The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout”

A poor choice truth if full of lies
We have no room for more pork pies

@ rowland paul hill  1 April  2020

(The first poem I recall hearing at school
was “Leisure” by W H Davies. It’s still one
of my favourites. “Pork Pies” is a parody
reflecting the reality/ unreality, of political
discourse and many other areas of life
where the fine line between truth and lies
has become almost non-existent.) 

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Fake news and distorted facts. Bob Dylan referred to the latter in "Idiot Wind" nearly half a century ago. Nothing changes! 

Being Me

An excellent parody! Top Mark's!