Poem -


Glory to our King
A Teacher of all good things
Satan thought he had me defeated
My fight for God not completed
Jesus is coming like a thief in the night
Be prepared and ready for that heavenly fight
Mind, body, and spirit on one accord
God reads my heart and knows I am on board
Man will not get in the way
Every one will have to answer on Judgement Day
All nations will fall before our Savior
Begging him to forgive us for our sinful behavior
Many false teachers will come in His name
God will give you discerning spirits to put the devil to shame
Soldiers, wake up to fight
Be strong and stand upright
Jesus will never leave your side
He said your every need will be supplied
Always give thanks to our Father above
Show patience, humility, and brotherly love​​​

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Marion Price

Very inspiring write highlighting a strong faith Lakiesha 🌹


Beautiful angel