Poem -

Ray of Love

Ray of Love

Jerked to my very core
Eased in my honey's door 
Never late wanting more
Beat it up til it's sore
Is it a quick fuck
Or just my luck
Quiet sounds lead to desires fed
Any position results to a freak in the bed
A sweet homely lass
Yes right there spank my ass

Slip in the back
moan from the upward attacks
Teasing not enoug
Continue, I love it rough
Tie me to the head board
Both bodies on accord
Pride destroys the passion
Sweet talk action
Sensitive heart and mind
Explosive climax grind
Deep setted rapturous cries
Pound in romantic sighs
Be prepared for more
Fantasy dreams alore

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Tony Taylor

Intensely descriptive and highly motivated in its sense of well painted scene-to-scene roll-over...... poetically it makes the grade but could be so much more magical.......I LOVE the evocativeness that this brings to the table however!!.......ALL STARS!!..... well penned dear poet sister!!......... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!,,,,,,,,,LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )