Poem -



Precipice so deeply vast,
Cast by abusive past.
Raging waters erode wall,
Just below as I crawl

Emphatic inner child cry,
Only myself to soothe tears dry.
You prey infernal nightmares,
Fiendish entrapment ensnares.

A path of destruction to drown me,
Β Disheartened vie cruel treachery.
I crawl tooth and nail along catalyst.
Rebelliously, glaring, shake a fist.

Perniciousness I doggedly defy
Despite tortured inner child's cry.
Abuse resonates in my brain.
Β In spite of residues that remain

I refuse to yield, a sadistic reign,
Come on daddy bring on the pain!
I'll never concede to be a slave,
I curse YOU, as I dance on your grave.

You can steal my serenity, consigning scars,
You can build elevation to stars.
You can’t cheat me, I will not bow.
You can only encroach what I allow.

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Ian William

Absolutely spectacular, Poetess! Poured out from the depths of your fighting soul, the one that only you heal! ( Of course I'm not claiming to understand you, I'm just commenting on how this feels to me)

Ian William

You are more than welcome and I'm sure it will!

Simon Bromley

Brilliant poem with lots of depth sorrow and yet hope too.Β  Such a heart felt write that packs a punch. Well done.

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lisa...This was a very emotionally charged poem....both sad and yet with a spike of hope and encouragement.....a determined spirit to overcome pain from abuse and to heal.....very genuine and heartfelt.Β  I have been to that precipice of pain in my life....It can be a sink or swim moment....Great write.Β  I felt your heart in it. xo ;)Β Β