Poem -


The herd and Covid 19

It is unnerving
At times
Being aliveĀ 
When around you
Is so much death
I watched Wild Kingdom when young
Saw the herds of zebras, wildabeasts
The lions would pick them off
Young, old, injured
The rest of the herd would smell blood
They would panic
Running blindly and as they did
Ā More predators waited
Knowing they would run
and feast
What Is so eerie
This is exactly what is happening
The herd is docile
Until it realizesĀ 
That the predator has not left
That it waits for them
Right outside their doors
As they run in terror
Away from the reality
When it knocks on their own door
There are other worse predators

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Barry Childs

A terrific pen, Violet, A lot of countries like the UK and the US were very slow to see what was coming. A gem of a poem.Ā  Barry x