Poem -

Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Fly upwards sweet soul
Into the spiral and the stars
It is black as night 
In the space behind my eyes
Yet the gleaming sparks
Of infinite light are there
Swirling into a great transition
Emptying my mind
So that source can fill it
With wisdom and enlightenment
Hearing the chords of astral song
I reflect it in my aura
All the swirling tendrils of light
Reflecting from my energy
This dance this  orchestra  unfolding
Before my eyes in my mind
To feel at one with the vastness
To not remain afraid
To know you will not die
Is pure joy
Not the total death
That  you live on in light
You live on in  love


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Marion Price

A very soothing hopeful write Violet, enjoyed ūüĆĻ

Violet Freese

If there is any argument about heaven and hell and fire and brimstone. I can clearly say that at some point man became aware of his own mortality. 
it haunts our day to day life if we do not live our lives in the now,.  I 
started questioning mortality and  recognized in Jesus  a great teaching. of how one should not worry about the  future.. let it take care of itself.. and that a loving God/ universe has it all figured out.. trust it. trust our divine creator... and for those that thiink there is no grey haired god sitting up there ..... I agree..  I do not believe that either... I know he is sitting right beside you and me.. he is in everything he is a part of everything.. mass consciousness.. is the divine spark ,.. that spark never dies..