Poem -

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

I can see inside of you
A place to hide.
A world that thrives
in spite of me
Where love survives

A life accepting all it's shown
A life of it's own.
I'm deep within this rabbit hole
It's taking control......of my soul.

Twisting and turning
It's tearing me down
Your lifting me up
while your making me drown

Two Faced   Two sided
It splits me in two
It feels uninviting
This life shared with you...will I ever be whole.

This web that your spinning
Makes me feel like I'm winning
Even though I'm the game that your playing.
Hiding lies inside feelings
behind smiles so revealing
This thread that we hang by is fraying.
Your losing control...
Inside this Rabbit Hole.

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Interesting poetry angel