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Radiation 1986

Radiation 1986

Invisible death all around us,
Penetrates to the humans warm core,
Deceit, deception and cover up,
A catastrophe not measured before.

People going about their business,
Oblivious to the dangers around,
It doesn't creep up to you anonymous,
It saturates the plant life and ground.

Why can I see my skin melting,
The carbons so hot to the touch,
My organs are withering and failing,
It looks like I absorbed way too much.

It's not just me it's affecting,
My unborn children still die,
Generations of disease and sorrow,
The realisation would just make you cry.

Many learnt lessons the hard way,
Putting the population we know into harm,
Are we ready to repeat all of our failures,
Is the land ready yet to be farmed?

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Cherie Leigh

HI Glen...How scary! Radiation is so frightening because even after the initial destruction, it silently keeps seeping into the atmosphere and causing deadly cancers that go on killing for years and years....Such a sad event.  When will our governments stop covering up such dangers?  Great awareness write. xo ;)

Glen Hill

Thanks Cherie, it was scary indeed, the children suffer for reasons they don't know