Poem -

Remove their tongues

Remove their tongues

The words below are born from hate, i hate that I wrote them, I hate that I feel them.
Please don't read them if you are easily upset.

​​​Wasted breath
​​​​Oxygen Thief are
Those who spit
Those who cough
In our faces
For fun
For kicks
To celebrate

I hate them
My blood simmers
My fists swell
I'm on the hunt
To tear their lips
To remove their tongues
To stomp their skulls

May their mother's chestΒ 
Become tight
May their father's lungs
Gasp throughout the night
Fuck themΒ 
Their toxic saliva
Is a Biological weapon
Spreading genocide
It's time they suffer
It's time they die.

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I feel the same way Gerard. Hearing about that story on the news really sickened me.

Stay safeΒ  - SydΒ 

Gerard McGowan

It makes me go a bit crazy Syd, I just lose all control when I hear stuff like this, thanks for reading and the tip.

Gerard McGowan

Hi Lisa, long time, I hope you are well, it's crazy that people are actually doing this. Thanks for the grammar check, I really appreciate it, you should have seen it when I posted it first, let's just say that I should have been shot in the face with a dictionary, I guess rage makes you blind.

Cherie Leigh

Hi Gerard...People should be arrested for doing such behaviors right now with the virus scare....It is unconscionable to do such things....What is wrong with people?Β  In times of crises you see the best and worst come out in people...every time...I understand your anger and disdain.Β  o x ;)

Larry Ran

My Dear Friend Gerard,

I could not agree with you more!Β  Death to those monsters.

Ye who poison us
Shall be dealt with hastily
Death will be yours soon

All my love,
Larry xxx