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It's not the times we're left with nought but ash, Β where once was one held dear that cause us to feel stronger, it's not the times we shed rivers of iron and salt that make us wish to have chest rise and fall another day longer

It's a once distant and unfamiliar horizon now loomed near as odometer clocks another mile, random whiles followed that bring about a smile, adventure on the mind as discovering beauty what had not been thought to find

When out among the evergreens that lead you on, silence resounds but for whispering air that lightly touches neck laid bare, and now at mountains highest point, stood tall on granite crown, top of the world looking down

as a tune plays that made thumping heart beat faster, causing vibes that resonate, and spirit lights up the sky once gray, leaves you wanting to see many and more the break of day

We are not filled with fortitude while held in the moments of suspended animation, that keeps us on bended knees at length, it's all things that build us up, that which we love, that give us strength

A Rogues poem, by Joseph Friend


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