Poem -

Ripples of Awakening

Ripples of Awakening

~~As It Is..And So It Begins ~~
"Remember That Cute little  "Ripple", You felt the other day.??
Ya know?! You kinda sort've Giggled? Like it were funny in a way...???"

Ahhh yes, i know them well, 
those little "Ripples" of Mine
You'll understand yours too, maybe...in time..

"I think it meant something..?!.. 
But Why am i so scared?"
"Are they Good or Bad??
The things that I've Always Feared?"...

Your Questions are Normal
Your Awakening Begins
Answers will Strive Your Journey,
But You must Start from Within
Understand Your Mind, Your Body and Listen to Your Soul..
Universally Connected 
 -As this makes You Whole.

These "Ripples" are Questions of Motions in Time, 
The Answers are waiting for You to Seek out and Find
They are With you Always,
You Must Know this is true!!
Do Not Underestimate, 
The things it can do! 
There's Nowhere Run, To Escape or Hide
One Way or Another You Must Pick a Side
You must take responsibility for the choices that You make,
Think carefully when choosing the right path to take!! 
Everything happens for a reason..
always ask why! 
The answers are everywhere, just look for the signs. 
It wont always be easy but you'll learn as you Go 
But Always be Aware that little"Ripple", will definitely Grow! 
As Intense As it Gets , You must Remain in Control!! 
For without it may cause: "Destruction of Soul" 
Ive said too much already, somethings YOU must Earn!
The Challenges you'll face, are all the lessons you'll learn!

"What will it feel like, is it going to hurt?"
The Universe will provide and you'll get what you deserve

"Please Help me to Control this I'm Nervous and Im Scared"
"Why me? Why Now? Or Was it something I said?!"
" Was it something that i did or maybe didn't do?!"
" This wasn't what I wanted.
Its all because of You!"..
" I asked You a Simple Question that You Turned back on Me"
" You told me so much bullshit, I started to believe"...
"Why would you do that,
Just to make me mad?"
" You Could've Simply Answered me, 
 I clearly misunderstand"..
" Now I'm the one who'll Suffer Or
Was this Your big Plan"..
" You Can Hurt me With Words but I'll Destroy You with my Hands!"
" I'm so Worked up and Angry, My Legs begin to Shake,
"My Blood begins to Boil and My Fists are clenched in Rage"..

~~As It Is..And So It Begins ~~
You are now on a Timer,
It's time for you to play
 The game of Survivor!
Are You Ready to take the test, 
To Show that You Are True?i
Can You Handle anything, that "Ripple" throws at You? 

Someday you will notice, the Changes and the Difference
Yes Its Requires Focus
Just Pay Attention &  Listen!!
For Someday You Will Know
Exactly What Your Missing
Then you'll understand
What happens when You're Stressing

"It's all your fault, This worry and Fear, I'll hate you for a lifetime"..
" I'll hurt you every chance I get, ill control your very Mind"
" I'll Force You to Hate Me, You'll Scream and  You'll Cry,"
" I'll Tourture You So Slowly Until 
YOU Beg To Die"...
"Just When You Relax and think That We're Possibly Alright"
" I'll Come back to Haunt You On the Darkest Of Nights"...
" You Know Ill Always Find You, There's Nowhere You can Hide"
" You'll Always Feel Me Close 
Just Scratching at Your Sides"...

~~As It Is..And So It Begins ~~
The first stages have expired
Here it comes, That "Ripple" Effect The one that You Desired
I Hope You are Ready for What You're about to Receive
That "Ripple" You started?..Is on its  way with Great Force and Speed.
It's Getting Really Big and Fast, as it rapidly begins to Grow
I wonder how this will end but only you will Know.

"I think I got my message across I may as well just rest"
" You cannot affect me stupid "Ripple" I am simply the best"..
" You thought that you could worry me, wanting me to be Scared"
"When obviously you're just a tool, 
To get inside my head"..
" Well, I no longer fear you, 
Your Powerless over me",
" I thought you were Forceful, Big,Strong and Mean"....
" But your a tiny wee "Ripple" What could YOU possibly do?!"
" You'll probably even starve to death cause no one cares for you"...
"I'm happy to explain it, to help you understand",
"I'll try and put it as simply as I can..
"You will never have Control Of Me! 
No Matter What Tricks You Try",
"I may seem Weak and Vulnerable but Don't Underestimate  My size"

Moments later and you've already forgotten, what has just been said
Now your feeling the "Ripple" Effect, As Ego fills your Head...
Someday Sadly You May Realize,
 There's no-one else but You,
And this Horrible Empty feeling, 
Of things you shouldn't do
The People You Hurt or left behind have continued to survive and live,
You may never see them ever again 
They may never learn to forgive
You have Control to do what you want, to have everything you need
Like The "Ripple" you started earlier Or this person your choosing to be,
Your forgetting All the Reasons Why You set upon this Journey..
Not Focusing on what's important,
The things you want to Achieve

 You Gave in much too easy and let Fear Into Your Life
Instead of being a lesson that's learnt and Doing what is Right!
Heres your Chance, its up to you, 
 How will you behave?
As that little  "Ripple" has now grown into a small "Wave"