Poem -

Rock Bottom

the addictive personality

Rock Bottom

When exhaustion finds us
past all the bridges burning
past all the dire warnings
when we just collapse into ourelves.
There is nothing to distract 
because we done burned it all up
Tossed it to the dragon of our addiction.
Lions find tamers
Gunfighters meet their match
Old lawyers go to salvage yards
alongside the ambulances they chased.
Even Napoleon had his Waterloo.
I am so much tougher, I thought,
so much brighter and swifter 
I can outmaneuver out run all the effects.
Not so Gilligan
There aint no Captain to find an isle
You are stuckk
In the wasteland of your creation
With nothing to soften the reality
No alcohol, no pills , no powder
Is going to soften this blow
You are alone
Yes,, you finally did it 
You are truly alone. to deal with yourself
To try to resuscitate ourselves
Good luc
Rock bottom sucks

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Cherie Leigh

HI Violet...Rock bottom only means that you cannot go any further down and can only find hope and a way out at that point...Sometimes it is necessary to make changes that need to come....but it is certainly no fun to feel alone in one's problems....Honest write of that struggle.  xo ;)