Poem -



they are found along our body in different locations,
they tell a story of our life and afflictions,
they're reminders of memories at several destinations.
they are there from times we were scared,
they permanently reside within our skin, 
and they represent the bravery within.
they represent pain and how eventually it goes away,
but they are not forgotten because we have to look at them everyday,
they give flashbacks to bruises and scraped knees,
to the times we felt we couldn’t break free.
sometimes we don’t realize we’ve been hurt until it heals, 
we don’t know how we got them or the time capsule sealed,
from clumsy mistakes to lessons once feared,
they are there on our skin faded or clear.
a simple light line among the flesh,
something that once was young a fresh,
once solid color now a different tone,
that line never the same but yet not alone.
the visible wounds of our faults and our doubts,
we retaliate and get hurt then lash out,
startled from the event or hurt and in pain,
some forget these moments but the scar remains. 
they are stories untold,
of events new and old,
some are big and some are small,
but they’re on us all.

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI Bookworm, I have had my share of scars, but literal physical ones and emotional ones...They are one of those things in life that stay as a reminder that we have overcome some hard times for sure.  Great perspective write. xo ;)


I agree, you learn from the past to avoid getting more scars or how to handle them better, scars also remind us we were able to get through the pain and after time we heal, glad you liked it!