Poem -


We are...


We are scum of the earth,
Trampled gum of the earth,
We're the kind to raise havoc,
Like hems on a skirt.

We are trash of the earth,
Useless mass of the earth,
And our value is priceless,
No cash are we worth.

See we're nothing but problems,
From midnight till three,
And we breathe lies like magick,
Say so mote it be.

We are nothing that's something,
That destiny spits,
Like a glitch in the system,
A case of the fits.

We are scum of the earth,
On a bed made of lies,
From the rips in our garments,
To fishnetted thighs.

We don't come with a price list,
So play us for free,
We are scum of the earth,
And we take what we see.


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