Poem -


Love u

Bye bye for now.  love you . Bye bye to all the untrue . Seeya  later past dispair . I'm off racing out of there . Bye bye old pain , won't miss it . Bye bye past shame go ahead and kiss it.  Ta ta regrets glad to see the back of u . Bye bye my ambition has broken though  . See you tomorrow new day and new way . See you soon love . Bye bye baggage in chain , it's about time . Wave my hand in gesture . Nod my head to the fast lane . Goodbye old struggle here's a teady bear  . Hello beginning . Goodbye old problems here's a cookie dear .  Seeya never bindings , glad to be no longer held back by that . Bye bye things that pull out hair , ta ta I have my checkered flag . Love you . 

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