Poem -

Seven days

Seven more days
I woke up today thinking it would be a good day.
I've stopped cutting, self harming, wishing.
I’m proud of myself, what can I say?
Others aren't as lucky as I am.

Seven more days
My roommate runs into the room freaking out.
At first I don’t understand what's going on. 
Why is she crying? What is she yelling about? 
Two door down a girl tried to hang herself. 

Seven more days
A week.
Just seven more.
A f*****g week.

Seven more days
I jump off my bed not thinking, running, sprinting, into the hall. 
I want to hug her, tell her she has things to live for.
I can’t, I’m not allowed to do anything at all.
I am useless.

Seven more days
We are all rushed away from her room.
I don’t even know if she is okay.
Confused, scared, crushed by the feeling of an impending doom. 
We cry for her.

Seven more days
She’s fine after a while, by that I mean living.
We are all ecstatic she's alive.
We ignore her “sorry”s
And forget our worries.

Seven more days
When asked so many reveal urges of suicide.
The will to live is so little in the room,
I don't know how any of us are alive.
When all you have left is an illusion of pride.

Seven more days
All of us crazy young ladies are in the same boat.
On the surface some can sail quite well.
When in reality we are all struggling to stay afloat. 
The only anchor I have is 
Seven more days,
And i'll be gone. No more pond.

This is a poem i wrote when i had 7 days left in residential and a girl tried to hang herself . 

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Simon Bromley

very well written and powerful emotion here.  well done.

Dean Kuch

Powerful prose poetry, Sophiej.
My daughter had a friend who lived just across the street from our house who hanged herself in her attic just a few short years ago.
She'd been gone for three days, which wasn't anything unusual for Tiffany.
She'd been known to be gone for days, and even weeks at a time.
She'd always turn up later, no worse for wear.
Tiff was a beautiful, vivacious 17-year-old girl. A video of her making out with a female fellow student from her school began to circulate around the social media sites.
Tiffany had no choice but to come out of the closet and admit she was gay.
Her father--a single dad--noticed an odd odor coming from upstairs and went to investigate.
I shouldn't have to tell you what he found...
Suicide is a needless tragedy.
Well all still miss Tiff terribly.
Nice writing.