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Seventh Heaven ?

Seventh Heaven ?

‘Seventh Heaven’ have you been  to this place before ?
I’m curious, did they welcome you with open arms when you knocked upon it’s door ?

Tho it sounds most delightful,
I can’t imagine where on earth it is, I really need to do some research on it, perhaps a study analysis

Which direction should I be searching, north, south,east or west ? So coz’ it’s number seven, I said there will be six more heavens, I guessed

Ah okay I am completely wrong
Seventh heaven is up above
Well how am I meant to get there ?
I can’t fly I’m not a dove

I find this most peculiar, this place is meant to be the best
Well one day I’ll hopefully find it & I will put it to the test

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill.  I know in the book of Enoch, he speaks of the different levels of Heaven, and I always found it so fascinating that at each level there were different scenes and angels and experiences....but I assume the seventh Heaven is the place where  God the Father reigns and is on the throne....One day we will all experience what awaits....and finally know!  I enjoyed. xo ;) 

Jill Tait

Yes love one day we certainly will xx It does sound very inviting xx thanks again cherie 💕