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Shadows of the night:)

Shadows of the night:)

Charlie was a city cat
The leader of the gang
He had a fight with smokey Joe 
He bit him with his fang

Smokey Joe he ran away
He never made a scene
Whilst Charlie watched & stood his ground
His eyes were emerald green

He wasnt scared of anyone
At least not of a cat
But in the shadows from the alley 
Scrambled out a rat

His shadow was so big that 
It was all that Charlie saw
It looked like a wild monster
As it stood upon the floor

Charlie shivered & a-shaked 
His knees was all a-tremble
He tried to think just what this was & what it did resemble

“Oh please dont eat me” Charlie cried 
“Oh Smokey Joe please help”
He heard a whisper from behind
It gave a little whelp

Smokey Joe was stood there 
Thinking Heavens, Fancy that!!
This bully of an animal
Is frightened of a rat!!


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