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Shamrock Shindig Ball

Shamrock Shindig Ball

Sing me a sea shanty Irish song
Chant me a celtic melody
I shall dance along to the bang of the drums
Just you try & stop me

Once those Emerald Isle sounds
Fill my senses
There’s nothing else I’d rather do
than to tap my feet to the pounding beat
& jig around with you

There’s nothing can compare
to the fiddler strumming his strings
His finger’s plucking ten to the dozen
With all the jovality it brings

Whether you are at Dublin, Derry or Dingle
Blarney, Belfast or Donegal
You are bound to hear Irish musicians
Belting their bests & giving it their all

A jolly lot of locals
Will fill the dancing halls
There’s none as fun nor lively
than a Shamrock Shindig Ball


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