Poem -

She and he

She and he

She was in chaos.
He found her amid.
Her mind was lost.
Heart hid.

He grabbed her hand,
But her hand was mist.
For it was banned,
That anyone could be her assist.

At least so she thought.
Till he sat with her in the dark,
And there was something he brought.
A beautiful spark.

So many different feelings,
That he made her feel.
As he talked to her, it was a healing,
For with him, her lies she could not conceal.

Months went by,
He had gotten closer.
His soothing words slowed her cries,
All this time he never left her.

He tried to grab her hand,
And this time he did.
The feeling had brought her to another land.
Where he was at her beginning and end.

He stayed through chaos,
Stayed through darkness,
Found what was lost,
By giving her forgiveness.

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