Poem -

She gives so much..


She gives so much..

Lonely in her world of lovelessness
she lies awake at night
thinking of how she could escape
from all her thoughts of blight
Yet in this solitary silence of her blue bedroom
only years of her past heartache 
stifle amidst her gloom

Chorus *

She gives so much yet gets so little
of loving in return
Will there ever come a day for her
when her heartbroken holds no yearn

Years and years has passed her by
tho timelessness stood still
Lost like her dreams of happiness
as she climbs her milestone hill
She once could laugh so naturally
without a moments thought
but nowadays she weeps alone from sorrowful sadness sought

So as the flickers from the fire are her delight
as she’s huddled up in her shawl
Gone is her desire to go away
she has lost her will from the thrall
Too weak to run 
Too old to matter
As her memories fade away in broken segments of scatter
She sits in her rocking chair
But she still sings her songs from her yesteryear 
as she brushes her long tresses of ageing white hair

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Marion Price

Another song...I am singing my own music...together we could win the...X FACTOR!! ..well anyone can win the  X factor...lol...nice write my friend 💕

Jill Tait

Yes pml anyone could win the Xfactor haha Thanks my friend xxx

Being Me

Oh what a sad poem! Beautifully written x

Jill Tait

A song luv I luv writing little dongs too XXX