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I am moving up to heaven 
Where I have a little cottage
In a woods
With a lilac rocking chair 
On the veranda
And I shall wear long cloaks
With hoods

I shall keep a fire burning
Against the deep snow in winter
And I shall wear ice shoes
With the moon at my side
​​​​​​And smile
At the beauty of it

The deer and the squirrels shall visit 
And I shall feed the birds
And grow cabbages
And all the animals can live with me there
They will be happy I think
To share

And in summer
We shall walk the shores
Of a beach not far away
Collect seaweed to eat
And sea shells of different sizes
To make bracelets for my hands
And feet

The garden shall contain all my favourites
Foxgloves and poppies
And daisies
And I shall read and write
 And paint
And I shall play
The grandest piano there
Quite badly 
For the saints

And in a village
Not so far away
All the souls I have ever loved
Shall live and laugh and love
And stay
And we shall gather together
In a warming sun
With music and cider
To dance.
Marion Price(2020)


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Violet Freese

Marion I tried to give you five stars but they would not stick? Anyway like and five stars  This sounds like a good place to hang out and i like the choice of
clothing ,, you do not have to worry about attire ,,, I love the description of the garden and your favorites,, and then the piano that you will play badly,.. hehe.
But I bet it ends up sounding divine,
love the poem

Marion Price

Thanks Violet, it's not quite right yet but I'm too tired to finish it and I didn't want to lose it. I wish there was a place to just save work on here. If I can't have this in life I'm definately bloody having it in death...IV already told god 😆💕

Jill Tait

Totallly luved thisun Marion so much I pinned to read again & again ❤️❤️❤️

Marion Price

Did you? Oh I'm so glad Jill and honoured 😘😘💜

John Prophet

Sounds like a little of heaven to me! 👍🏼

Marion Price

John if I can't have it in life I'm bloody having it in death...IV already told god 😃😃thankyou my friend 💕